Sarah Savoy

"La voix des Cajuns"--Rolling Stone

Get your copy of the 2018 Accordion Babes Calendar and CD now! Featuring 12 women from around the world in gorgeous pin-up photos, and accompanied by a CD on which we each play a song. 

I wrote a song again for the CD, "Gardez-Donc," which is a funky Zydeco number inspired by a long-running joke with my brother Wilson, but it's about treating your woman right, otherwise you're the one who'll be crying! Woah now!

More importantly, as this is, after all, a pin-up calendar, my photo for 2018 was taken by my amazingly talented sister, Gabrielle Savoy, in the barn at our family home in Savoy, Louisiana.

Order before December 25th and get a special 5€ pre-order discount! 

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